Our History 

GÖKNUR started in 1995 with the sale of electrical electronic parts and card repair, was established in 2005 on an area of ​​50 square meters and reflected its competence in the field of electrical electronics to the machinery sector and on the road it started out with the title of "Unlimited solutions for all kinds of needs", it is now closed to domestic machinery manufacturing in a closed area of ​​6000 square meters. continues. With the machines sold abroad, it both benefits the economy of the country and once again proved that it has produced machinery at world quality. It is a 100% domestic capital company that continues to change and develop by including the machinery manufacturing and handle manufacturing sectors.

Our Quality Policy

GÖKNUR aims to determine the expectations of its customers in the best way, to provide the most accurate and best solution to the customer needs, to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction and to ensure the consistency of the quality services provided.

Our Mission

Providing high quality and regular products to our customers by selecting the products that our industrialist and manufacturing customers need, by making detailed negotiations, from carefully selected suppliers from abroad, to provide uninterrupted service to their customers, following the developing technology and supplying the requested new products to the customers immediately and developing itself accordingly. Has been the mission of GÖKNUR since its establishment.

Our Vision

Goknur is committed to providing customer satisfaction, trust rather than material and to meet your needs of quality and economic products with the highest quality and economic products in the most perfect way in accordance with the needs of our esteemed customers. to be a leading company trusted among the issuing companies.